AI Anchor (Round 5)

Italy Project type: medium Radio 24


Radio 24 is the first private "news & talk" radio station in Italy. It will be the natural place to develop the first AI anchor with the goal of one day going on the air with an entirely automated news segment. The AI anchor’s career will begin, however, with an internship and it will take time and a long trial for it to be ready for prime time. The initial task of our AI anchor will be to generate news podcasts on demand for each user. The project combines a mighty editorial effort to create tools to translate structured data in content and the use of AI to aid in the process with a trial-and-error approach in the field of text-to-speech.

The solution

Knowing how to mine and manage data is a rare skill in the news world and in designing our ‘virtual anchor’ this project enters that arena. With a twist: this project enters the field of ‘artificial emotions’ more than that of mere artificial intelligence. While it’s certainly possible to imbue a degree of wit in bot generated text, the bandwidth of expression is so much broader using voice and sound.