Ampersand - programme production on the go (Round 4)

United Kingdom Project type: large Reuters Limited


Ampersand will be a service for digital news publishers to produce personalised news programmes on the go – seamlessly stitching relevant videos and mid-roll advertising with animated transitions.  It will create a monetisable mid-form digital video experience by employing content personalisation, ad targeting and video-on-demand utility.

The solution

In recent years, news publishers have invested heavily in video production for distribution across platforms and devices. The industry produces an abundance of short-form clips, yet the promised commercial return has failed to materialise for most. Today’s typical short news video, designed for distributed media and audiences on the go, presents challenges for engaging users beyond each individual clip. Monetising these short clips by preceding them with a long advertisement is wholly inappropriate for the context. Ampersand will be a unique on-demand video streaming technology that stitches together a programme starting with a single news clip before segueing without interruption to other relevant and timely stories. While increasing user engagement with stories of importance and relevance, weaving in mid-roll advertising.