Audio Smart Core for Newsroom (Round 5)

Romania Project type: prototype published by Tetragon Publishing SRL


This project implements a system to allow users to interact with the content of the web platform in an audio format. The user will interact with the new feature on mobile devices, laptops and desktop by clicking a button placed in the footer of the website page. The feature is built mainly for platform readers who will be able to listen to their favourite authors, listen to previously ordered playlists and even share their opinion on the main topics. 

The solution

Exploring new ways of consumption, new ways of creating news-stories, new channels to deliver news-stories to the users and new ways of diversifying revenue streams by implementing Natural Language Understanding system, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence that allow users to interact with the text or audio content of the web platform with voice commands. Users will be able to keep up-to-date in real-time with audio news and comment on published events and analysis.