Focus (Round 4)

France Project type: medium Radio France


Focus transforms daily news intake into a tailored digest: news experience is adapted to listening habits, listening context (time and space), interests and mood.

The solution

Smart speakers are the new technological pets in our homes, and their disruptive potential for radio broadcasting is huge. Although they're still in the early adoption phase in Europe, Radio France aims to seize this potential now. 2022 US market forecasts estimates there will be two million smart speakers in France by 2019, three million by 2020 and eight million by 2023. Based on the listener’s profile, Focus provides personal news digests, composed of audio clips from Radio France stations’ news pool. While listening to their news digest users can use the vocal command ‘Focus on…’ to know more about anything touched upon in the news clip. This seamlessly prompts audio suggestions from the Radio France news pool. Based on speech-to-text technology, the app pulls relevant content from a complex and refined database to deepen the listener’s knowledge and allow endless discovery.