Fórum Público (Round 6)

Portugal Project type: medium Público – Comunicação Social, S.A.


Fórum Público will be a platform for online discussion, that includes real time online conversations between users and journalists, as well as real life events and a reward system to encourage users to be active members and, ultimately, subscribers. Increasing our subscription revenue is a goal. But we also aim to encourage in depth reading and foster informed discussion, which is a good antidote for the scenario of heavy polarization in the social media space.

The solution

From the universe of our 248,000 registered users, only a tiny fraction are subscribers. The number of subscribers, however, is much higher among our active members in our current comments platform (ie, our frequent commentators). With a richer and more rewarding discussion tool, we aim to engage more users and convert them into subscribers. We also want to foster a more healthy online discussion.