Belgium Project type: medium Mediafin


The editorial team will receive a tailor-made newsroom dashboard in order to better understand audience behaviour as it relates to content they produce. Simultaneously, a real-time personalized paywall will be created for sales and marketing teams to experiment with various targeting and admission techniques — and increase conversion. These tools will be based on an integration between the Adhese ad server and the NGDATA Lily Enterprise customer experience optimization platform. ‘The great thing about HappyWall is that it combines editorial expertise with real-time insights and a personalised paywall to improve visitor experience and grow customer registration on Belgium’s leading business newspapers De Tijd and L'Echo.’ — Tom Peeters, Multimedia Manager, Mediafin.

The solution

HappyWall is a joint project of Mediafin (De Tijd/L'Echo), Adhese, and NGDATA to improve the customer experience of visitors and ultimately grow registration rates for Belgium’s leading business newspapers: De Tijd and L’Echo.