High Fidelity: Designing the next standard of anti-churn powered by data (Round 6)

France Project type: large Groupe Les Echos


The High Fidelity program is a global recast of the “traditional retention model” at Les Echos and le Parisien. Subscribers have many ways to interact with titles : call centres interactions, print mailings, emailings, and of course tons of interactions with apps, mobile site, and desktop. The program aims to build a powerful anti-churn predictive model fuelled by all these data to keep them on board reengaging them in a personalised and close to real time way.

The solution

As many other publishers, Group Les Echos -Le Parisien has the ambition to move to a subscription-based business model. Many actions are engaged to work on the top of the subscription funnel, it is now time to focus and optimise the very end of it : retention. This part of the funnel is a crucial topic in a digital world in which sources of information abound and a business rational topic as the cost of retention in the industry is between 5 and 10 times cheaper than the acquisition cost.