JAMES - Your digital butler (Round 4)

United Kingdom Project type: large The Times and Sunday Times (News Corp)/ Twipe Digital Publishing


JAMES is an AI ‘digital butler’ that individualises the way content is distributed to readers of The Times and The Sunday Times.

The solution

The Times and The Sunday Times, in collaboration with Twipe, is changing the way content is being delivered to their readers. Their audience love the curated order, the finite experience and the editorial selection. The goal is to maintain one unique version of any given edition, but to individualise the way they distribute the content of the editions to their readers by using self-learning algorithms and a bespoke artificial intelligence. JAMES, their new digital butler, will gradually learn the habits and preferences of readers, exposing them to relevant content chosen by their editions – current and past – in their preferred format, time and frequency. Ultimately, he will create individualised experiences that will increase reader satisfaction and engagement, accelerating the newspapers' subscription growth.