Kendraio Verify (Round 3)

United Kingdom Project type: prototype Kendra Foundation


The Kendraio Verify project will create an ecosystem enabling more efficient and accurate verification of 'true news'. This project will enable journalists (including photographers and audio/visual creators) to attach a 'tree of credibility' to their stories and media which can then be independently verified by other journalists, news agencies and those people cited/tagged in the stories and media. In the future, we will extend this ability to the public via apps and browser plugins.

The solution

The Kendraio Verify project is our method of combating fake news, not by trying to find fake news but by elevating the trustability of true news – thereby strengthening good journalism and checkable facts. Very few journalists personally witness the things that they are reporting on. We intend to create specifications and tools which will foster a culture of collaborative journalism, both for professional and citizen journalists. This specification is intended to allow the creation of tools which can be used to create a "chain of verifiable facts" and used to provide support for claims made in journalistic works.