Learning Content (Round 6)

Germany Project type: prototype HHLab of Medienholding Nord GmbH mh:n and NOZ Medien


Learning Content will improve the distribution of articles as part of the editorial workflow. Thus, the improvement of personalization and the resulting user satisfaction should be increased. Learning Content supports the human skills of high-quality editorial work based on the process of deep insight into needs, situations, and values of readers, by using upcoming technology. It is a message- and story-recommendation-engine, working without semantic analysis; the content "learns" who likes it. The content gets smarter with each user interaction. One day, it should work with any infrastructure independent of CMS or frontend.

The solution

Most news companies have two ways of digital content distribution: a) A “one size fits all” approach (“homepage”). b) Personalization via companies like Facebook or Google. This causes deficiencies: - The homepage does not meet the needs of readers because the user is not adequately targeted. - The situation that other companies influence the way of the content to the readers causes a loss of control and, as a result, a poorer outcome in reaching the readers. Learning Content will make readers consume the content they like brought to them via a platform controlled by a source they trust: their local publisher.