LegislationFILEapp (Round 6)

Poland Project type: medium 300GOSPODARKA SP. Z O.O.


LegislationFILEapp’s goal is to serve as a go-to tool for everyone involved or interested in the legislative process in Poland. The tool will provide them with reliable, up-to-date, visually-appealing and accessible information on every piece of legislation that is being proceeded at a time. The tool will follow the legislative process of a given bill step-by-step and will showcase changes that are done on the way, disclose people and organisations that are involved at each step and arguments they use to support their stance. This comprehensive approach will facilitate making connections between those involved and the final outcome.

The solution

Currently, there is no comprehensive and viable tool in Poland to find information about specific bills, hence the legislative process is not transparent enough and many find it too complex. The LegislationFILEapp will facilitate day-to-day work of reporters who cover policy and the legislative process, as well as businesses (e.g. consultants) and other interested parties. It will also help to make the legislative process more transparent and appealing to general public by breaking down the complex process into accessible, interactive content.