LiMeS: Livestreaming & Mixed Reality Management System (Round 5)

Germany Project type: medium Content Flow GmbH


LiMeS will provide live video streams with interactive mixed reality functions. This creates a second level of information in the livestreams and gives further opportunities for engagement and monetisation. All this will be easy as possible for journalists, editors, and event managers to set-up and lead to an increase of reach and engagement. LiMeS will create mixed reality information using automatic facial and object recognition as well as a CMS to edit and store extra information.

The solution

Media companies are struggling to gain revenue from their livestreams, having depended on Facebook & YouTube features or not maintaining an infrastructure to make revenue streams more easy and reliable. LiMeS offers journalists around the globe an easy to use toolset, which will reduce efforts & time to create an engaging livestreaming experience for their readers, users and viewers.