Local Recall - Modernising archive content (Round 4)

United Kingdom Project type: large Archant Community Media Limited (Parent: Archant Limited)


Local Recall combines modern journalism with nostalgia - turning liability to asset by monetising and providing access to archived content dating back to 1870, while building an advanced voice infrastructure.

The solution

Digitising archived physical content is not new, but making it easily accessible to a broad audience is. Local Recall’s goal is to make original content available in both plain text and voice. The aim is to make Archant’s content available in the format today’s user wants it: on demand via chatbot, voice bot, home assistant and the more ‘traditional’ dynamic, mobile-first, website. It will use manual enhancement to digitise content via a community text editor and apply Natural Language Understanding. Tears, blotches and discolouration – regardless of the photo quality – will impact output and may make some text illegible. High accuracy of content is paramount - to mitigate this challenge, the power of Archant’s community of readers will be harnessed to build a crowdsourced content correction platform, allowing correction via multiple channels.