Local Voice of the People (Round 5)

Finland Project type: prototype PLC Keski-Pohjanmaan Kirjapaino Oyj


A new method, process and tool for producing and publishing more useable and search engine friendly audio content of current affairs, people and events locally. This will mean improving the whole production process by adding indexing and meta data along with the audio clips. A new tool will be developed for indexing the audio content.

The solution

People have many different sources and channels for content but less time in their hands. Audio content and podcasts provide an easy way to consume content even when multitasking. The problem is that audio content is often not so easily available or does not appear very well in searches. Through the projects there will be an answer to this problem by finding new methods and process of producing and publishing local news, current affairs and events in audio form in an easy-to-access and search engine friendly way.