Mapping of institutional activities & political speeches (Round 3)

Italy Project type: large Radio Radicale, Centro di Produzione


Radio Radicale is an independently run radio station based in Italy. We have a digital archive of more than 400.000 hours of audio/video recordings of italian and european politic, social and cultural events and we add new recordings on a daily basis. We are building, in cooperation with Hyperborea Srl, our technical partner in the project, a system that performs semantical analysis of the recorded speeches and a tool that will enable the users to search and extract exactly what they need from the recorded material and also to edit the excerpts to generate new original contents.

The solution

Journalists, researchers and citizens might find it challenging to navigate large amounts of digital recordings, in search of sections they are interested in. Automated extraction of keywords and entities from speech, along with an editing and publishing tool, will dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to accomplish this goal.