Nationwide database of asset declarations (Round 3)

Poland Project type: medium Gremi Media


The key innovation of our project is a comprehensive approach to the issue related to documents containing information on declarations of assets. Development of a public database and standard for filing and sharing declarations of assets for the entire public sector (including newspapers, TV, etc.). Creation of a nationwide system aggregating such type of data will ensure fast and free access to information for citizen, regional and nationwide journalists. Furthermore, each citizen will have easy access to these data, which will support the principle of transparency of information concerning persons performing public functions. 

The solution

The main challenge of the project is to create a nationwide WWW services for gathering and making property declarations. The implementation of the electronic standard for property declarations will allow for their presentation to be transparent and accessible. It will also ensure full legibility of published documents. It is intended to serve all interested journalists as well as citizens so that they can easily and freely review public information submitted by persons performing public functions.