News for the next generation (Round 5)

Romania Project type: prototype Europe Developpement International-R SA, part of Lagardere Active Radio International Group


Every five minutes an editor from Europa FM, the most trusted radio in Romania, selects the most important subject of the moment. When you ask your smart device, enter a dedicated website or open your app for the latest news you get the latest and most important information from your region or you can listen the full bulletin. This is the way the news delivery is changing in 2018 - the most important news, when you want it; short, verified and on your favourite smart device.

The solution

Offer a way to deliver verified news to busy people and to the younger generation by adapting the traditional media to new consumer habits and gadgets preferred by early adapters. Using human filters with AI to deliver the news in audio and text on multiple devices, starting with a traditional website and app and integrating the news into smart speakers and smart TV. Voice commands are added to keep the control of news as simple as possible for the end user.