news.bridge (Round 3)

Germany Project type: large Deutsche Welle


"news.bridge" builds a platform that integrates and enhances a mix of off-the-shelf tools for automated transcription, translation, voiceover and summarization of video and audio content for a large number of languages. It thus provides a complete workflow using advanced language technologies to facilitate and enhance multilingual news production. It allows a smooth, fast, fully-automated output in the form of subtitles, voiceover or transcribed text, with editorial control as an option. This tool now makes it possible for broadcast content to become available in virtually any language.

The solution

Providing and covering news in a wide range of languages in a cost-effective way is a major challenge. We must process more news with less resources. This can only be achieved by implementing automation to the fullest. news.bridge offers such a Solution for: a seamless multilingual news processing tool, which is stable, easy, flexible and expandable. It consists of different components and provides a handshake of four language processing tools: speech-to-text, automated translation, text-to-speech, and summarization. It uses and enhances external, off-the-shelf tools, thus taking advantage of continuous improvements made by reliable natural language processing providers, ensuring sustainability of the system.