Pilot MindTheFacts.com (Round 6)

Netherlands Project type: prototype Mind the facts


European journalists from non-English speaking countries, have few opportunities to reach an international audience and are being challenged in making digital revenues. Mind The Facts aims to be the international platform for independent journalists within continental Europe. The platform strives to boost digital revenues for journalists from non-English speaking countries and assist them reach a wider English speaking-reading audience in Europe. The platform facilitates payments through blockchain technology to offer validated content (prevent fake news) and it facilitates co-creation through shared payments at low administration costs. Furthermore the blockchain provides all distributors insights in the revenues and consumer behaviour.

The solution

Language bubbles in Europe have been a barrier that has blocked the development of a pan-European platform that covers news from different countries. There wasn’t enough willingness to pay for digital news to make such effort feasible. That has changed since the rise of fake news. Journalists from all European countries can publish their content on MindTheFacts.com to reach an international paying audience. All content must be produced by the principles of the Conduct of Journalism as truth-finding as that is the most important value in modern day journalism and one of the most important things consumers are willing to pay for.