Polly (Round 5)

Malta Project type: medium Mediatoday Co. Limited


Polly is an app for collecting data from users through opinion surveys. The data will also be used as the basis of interactive stories that will be published on the app. Users will be able log onto the app using their mobile phone number and will be asked to fill in data about themselves. They are then given the opportunity to answer questionnaires which can be targeted to specific cohorts on issues ranging from politics and current affairs to market research for private companies willing to offer incentives and prizes in return.

The solution

Media organisations in Malta, especially print media, are facing challenges posed by a loss of advertising revenue brought about by social media, as well as a lack of trust and engagement with the general public. This app aims to address both issues by opening up a new revenue stream through providing companies with an efficient option for carrying out market research. By polling the nation more frequently and packaging the results of surveys in more interactive, easier to digest stories, Polly will also help the paper engage with a more diverse audience, including younger readers.