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POST is a tool that will help journalists measure the success of their own content. It was born out of a question: what is the most pressing issue facing editors and how could the agency do something to help? Edenspiekermann already closely collaborates with newsrooms across Europe. By talking to their partner organisations they identified that a key problem in newsrooms was how to integrate analytics on day-to-day basis for already busy journalists. POST aims to make life easier for journalists by giving them help at exactly the right moment.

The solution

Edenspiekermann is bringing POST to life as a working prototype by developing the product in tests with 10 media organisations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Through extensive research into newsroom KPIs, POST uses machine learning to offer meaningful insights to journalists on how their content is performing. POST tracks stories once they’re published, keeps an eye on traffic and offers advice on how to improve story reach and traction. It’s being designed to fit easily into workflow and operates via Slackbot that monitors a story’s URL and suggests the right action at the right moment. If a story has suddenly gone viral, POST will alert the journalist and provide hints on how to take full advantage of the situation.

The Digital News Initiative gives us the opportunity to research and prototype new tools, bringing journalism forward in times where we need it most

Christian Hanke - Creative Director, Edenspierkermann