A region that brings us together (Round 3)

Portugal Project type: prototype Diario De Noticias Da Madeira


"A region that brings us together" is already a section in print edition where reporters tell the stories of people from Leiria who live abroad. With the project submitted to DNI Fund we face the challenge to turn it into digital inviting emigrants to have a voice. Through a digital platform and a mobile app called "World Reporter", they are welcome to tell their own experiences abroad. At the same time, they get updated news, information, professional and business opportunities related to the region they left. This project aims to be a permanent dialogue between newspaper and its readers.

The solution

The project allows REGIƃO DE LEIRIA to deal with three main problems. 1) Audience: the project will increase the number of readers and engage them in a simple and funny news-reporting process with the World Reporter mobile app. 2) Monetization: a new source of revenue will appear when advertisers and sponsors become aware this platform is a well-aimed shot to a desirable and large audience (emigrants). 3) Business model: for the company this will be a major step towards digital transformation. Putting all the team looking into data generated by digital will have a positive impact in all departments, demanding new processes and functions.