Rikastamo.fi - audience data exploration portal (Round 3)

Finland Project type: medium Aller Media Oy


Rikastamo.fi is an interface to audience data ecosystem – a portal that provides access to enriched offline and online audience data for exploration, discovery and insight by means of visualizing data in a way that engages users with varying backgrounds and needs. The service targets any unit in an organization that can benefit from exploring and analyzing vast amounts of audience data in order to get valuable insight – e.g. in the news-room, content, marketing, R&D or analytics departments. The portal and the whole data ecosystem are being developed with the highest attention to data privacy and security. 

The solution

Data utilization and exploration in most organizations are typically available to a limited number of technically savvy professionals because of the high complexity of data sets and the complexity and expensiveness of the data exploration technologies and tools. Rikastamo.fi opens the complex world of data for variety of purposes by actors in organizations that can benefit from exploring and analyzing large amounts of audience data - be it marketers, journalists, analysts or R&D. The service allows exploration and utilization of vast amounts of audience data in easily comprehensible visualized ways.