SenseMaker (Round 5)

United Kingdom Project type: prototype Media Innovation Studio, University of Central Lancashire


SenseMaker brings together journalists, engineers, academics, local authorities and communities to co-design bespoke and connected sensor kits for journalism and storytelling.The partnership of the Media Innovation Studio at the University of Central Lancashire and UK publisher Reach will create a range of 'sensing' prototypes. These could detect pollution, biometric data, thermal imagery, noise, infrared and audio information. Our datasets will prompt novel and compelling editorial responses; enabling citizens and journalists to work together create compelling content, or independently verify official/third party data.

The solution

By combining uncovered information with local knowledge and creating new narratives, we will help users/audiences interpret and make sense of the world they live in. Journalists and citizens will be able to influence the types of data we collect, capture it themselves and help form the narratives that are created. The project will also explore new ways to express data, and examine new and emergent business models -nboth from the devices we create and the data that is generated.