Smart pages - A new UX generation for editors (Round 4)

Spain Project type: large Actividades Digital Media –


Smart Pages is a technical system that generates customised news pages in real time,. It applies business rules defined by the editor and accounts for the user's connection context, browsing habits and preferences to provide a personalised experience that makes information more relevant, increases engagement, targets new subscriber candidates and improves advertising performance.

The solution

Until now UX in the digital media industry related only to the display of information and how to navigate it. This meant editors were limited to a one-size-fits-all user experience. Technology now allows us to know what type of device the user has and also its source of origin (search, social networks, direct, etc.) and whether it is the first time the user is connecting in a given period of time. Editors will use this information to provide users with a personalised UX. That’s what Smart Pages aims to achieve.