sMirror (Round 3)

Germany Project type: prototype Jakob Vicari


Goal of sMirror project is the development of an IoT based newshub for the bathroom. This hub has a mirror as display and a cabinet which functions as the host for all actions regarding IoT interactions. All interactions with the hub are triggered by usage of items in the cabinet, which functions as an meta- or super-device. It controls the presentation of news and informations that are fitting to the current usage scenario.

The solution

Innovation in the news is usually thought based on classic devices. This project is turning this approach around: Trying to identify how the usage of everyday devices in any given situation is and try to identify if there is an opportunity for a journalistic information to appear in this situation. sMirror is a concept study for a new kind of hardware device: connected and smart furniture. sMirror is a newshub based on IoT-technology which enables the creation of an individualized news stream for each family member.