Source Code Leak (Round 4)

Hungary Project type: medium Népszava, XXI. század Média Ltd.


The Source Code Leak project aims to create effective web scrapers and algorithms that can help journalists uncover hidden business interests.

The solution

Associates of politicians and politically exposed persons (PEPs) use tactics to hide their business interests, including offshore or through complex ownership structures. Only rarely, through whistleblowers and leaks, can journalists uncover this corruption. But while it’s possible to successfully hide business relationships and money offshore, it is very difficult to hide the digital footprints of these entities. Source Code Leak creates web scrapers that can help journalists trace these footprints and reveal relationships between seemingly unrelated businesses and public entities. By looking at the code of public websites, they can find clues that can help reveal the site’s owner and potentially help connect that site to other business interests. These clues help investigative journalists get information, without them needing any coding or engineering skills.