Storypepper (Round 6)

Germany Project type: prototype Nette & Wilenius UG


Storypepper will ease the transition for digital news journalism, by automating the delivery of news articles in the vertical story format. Cutnut will partner up with Contentpepper and MOPO to automate publishers’ story production. Publishers will be able to automatically create stories from various types of digital news-reporting for the first time. They can set up the process for their own templates and publish the results directly to their website/app as well as their social media pages - making platform-agnostic stories more accessible and valuable for publishers.

The solution

The vertical story format has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and currently has over 1 billion daily active users. Storypepper lets publishers repurpose their news content through a simple service which automatically converts it into visual stories, without the need for additional human or infrastructure resources. Publishing can be done in form of Google AMP and social media stories.