Virtual Newsroom (Round 5)

France Project type: prototype PLAY BAC PRESSE


In France where a special accent is put on media literacy in school, PlayBac wants to propose a new and innovative solution to teachers. 

With the Virtual Newsroom, every teacher will be able to train children to the world of journalism. The project will provide them with a detailed journalistic guide, a library of tools, and an interactive news template to fill and save, as only PlayBac Presse knows how to do.

The solution

As its Atelier des petits Journalistes is very successful among teachers with 1,600 pupils and their teacher learning from a specially trained journalist about what a newspaper is, and create their own daily newspaper. Play Bac wants to do that in a digital form. It will mean more teachers will be able to generate the experience in their class directly, without moving location and at lesser cost.