VoiceAd (Round 5)

Austria Project type: prototype Sebastian Krause


VoiceAd is a tool that makes it easy and affordable for everyone to produce their own audio-advertorials and deliver them to specific audiences. This will be achieved by combining the possibilities of the Google Voice API and Google Text to Speech with methods of programmatic advertising, to build an easy-to-use interface to produce and deliver audio-commercials.

The solution

Currently, audio ads require a deep understanding of the technical process, expensive equipment or the need to hire a studio or agency to produce them. This often makes audio advertising too expensive for smaller businesses or individuals. But with the rise of podcasts and programmatic advertising, those businesses often find their target audiences listening to highly specialized audio content and are missing out on the chance to reach them. With the VoiceAd web interface, individuals and businesses get the chance to create their own audio ads with the use of Google Text to Speech and Google AdWords API and distribute them to podcasts via programmatic advertising.