Voicegram: The power of text-to-speech & the human voice to hyper-local news (Round 6)

France Project type: large Le Télégramme SAS


Voicegram brings the power of text-to-speech and the human voice to hyperlocal news. Voicegram is based on two core components. First a robot journalist tailored for the voice era: it uses Le Télégramme’s local events database to write and enrich news articles. The second component is a platform that stores these articles and synthesizes them using text-to-speech technology. The outputs are then pushed to a dedicated mobile app, our news website and audio assistants. The end-users can easily listen to the audio articles, either through a daily personalised flash news, a playlist mode or by requesting a specific piece of information. Voicegram is the ultimate local experience with on-demand audio.

The solution

Voicegram is a hyper-local news experience powered by a platform that combines the strengths of text-to-speech technology for service journalism, and the power of the human voice for news articles and investigations.