WP Blast (Round 6)

Poland Project type: large Wirtualna Polska Media S.A.


WP Blast is a project that combines qualitative journalism with modern content consumption patterns for the Millennials and Generation Z.
We change the vertical news structure to a new form of content presentation, based on the needs of young readers. The user will be able to consume further portions of information by moving the views with his finger in any direction. Journalism has never been so dynamic, so we make use of this speed by serving news in a short way.

The solution

Young people tend to use phrases such as “tap”, “swipe”, “skip” and “skim-reading”, which describe activities that play a huge role in the modern process of acquiring information by the Millennials and Generation Z. Currently, no Polish media publisher reflects the aforementioned needs of young readers. Everyone is constantly focused on providing universal and traditional news formats. In response, Wirtualna Polska would like to offer WP Blast, which will change the way young readers consume content and the type of it. We would like to help the young people to open to a qualitative journalism and go out of social filter bubbles.