Tagesspiegel LEUTE: Making local 
news work

Germany | Project Type: Large | Tagesspiegel LEUTE | Amount Awarded: €550,000

While almost every reader survey concludes that local news is the most highly valued of all content, making it pay is another matter entirely.

“Monetisation is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for local publishers,” says Christian Junker, Project Leader at Tagesspiegel LEUTE. “Here in Berlin, our goal was to provide original digital local journalism for the city’s 12 districts. Each of these is actually the size of a city in its own right and has its own distinct local flavour, but is only served by publications that cover the entire Berlin area. The appetite for hyperlocal news is vast – the problem is how to use that to generate revenue.”

The appetite for hyperlocal news is vast – the problem is how to use that to generate revenue.

Christian Junker
Project Leader at Tagesspiegel LEUTE

Support from the DNI Fund helped Tagesspiegel LEUTE increase subscribers by 40%, which has in turn enabled it to invest in the business – for example, by employing a dedicated journalist for each of the 12 districts. The DNI Fund’s contribution also enabled the team to develop a self-service ad portal for small and medium-sized local businesses. “This is what makes the project work from a financial perspective,” adds Christian. “Local businesses don’t have the capital to invest in citywide advertising, so instead they use our portal to create and place their messages where they’re most effective – in front of a highly targeted local audience.”

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