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There are few things more important to society than a free and thriving press. As the digital world evolves, journalists and publishers are facing new opportunities as well as new challenges. 

Google’s mission, to organise the world’s information and make it universally useful and accessible, shares the same core values that underpin quality journalism.  As our CEO Sundar Pichai publicly stated: “Google cares deeply about journalism. We believe deeply in spreading knowledge to make life better for everyone. It’s at the heart of Google’s mission. It’s the mission of publishers and journalists. Put simply, our futures are tied.”

29 European countries
461 Projects
€94m Total amount of funding awarded

The Digital News Innovation Fund is a European program that’s part of the Google News Initiative, an effort to help journalism thrive in the digital age. The DNI Fund is a €150 million commitment to support and kick-start innovation within the European news ecosystem. 

Entering its third year, the DNI Fund is coming of age, and a community of successful project owners has flourished. We’ve seen the projects transform from ideas to remarkable and highly impactful solutions that are already making a difference in newsrooms.

In this report, you’ll find a full overview of DNI Fund activity as well as details of many brilliant concepts from across Europe that are tackling four key industry challenges: battling misinformation, telling local stories, boosting digital revenues and exploring new technologies. We hope you enjoy reading about them. 

The DNI Fund team


Featured projects

Steady: Ready, steady, go

Full Fact is a charity that provides free tools, information and advice so that anyone can check the claims of politicians and the media.

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Frames: Charting growth

Frames provides the online publishing industry with innovative charts that improve understanding and generate revenue.

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DNI Fund Report 2018

Explore this year's report to find out about projects that have been supported by the DNI Fund and the impact they’re having in newsrooms across Europe.
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