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Tresite is a small, Mexico-based interactive agency focusing on media firms, bringing its own Content Management System (CMS) platform (SACS Pro) to their engagements in the Latin American region.

  • As an agency, Tresite wants to support your entire digital operation and not just sell a stand-alone CMS
  • SACS Pro is best suited to small independent news organizations in Latin America that do not have internal tech and design resources, and seek a single partner to handle the entire platform
  • Customers include Diario Libre (Dominican Republic), Pulso SLP (Mexico), and Expreso (Mexico)

Likely fit

Mexico-based Tresite with its SACS Pro CMS is a potential fit for small news organizations in Latin American regions that publish digitally but lack their own development resources — and for whom white-glove service, customizability, and media-specific business advice hold appeal. News organizations that publish both digitally and in print should note that, although Tresite has customers that publish in both mediums, SACS Pro lacks smooth functionality to bridge digital and print. Toolset gaps include archiving, video services, subscription, and ad management services.

At a glance

Primary Customer Fit

Small Independent News Organization

Secondary Fit

Small Chain of News Organizations

Most Active Geographies

Latin America

Official Support Hours

Email: 24x7

Phone: 24x7

Messaging App: 24x7

Officially Supported Languages for User Interface


Third-party Language Support Available?


License Model

Based on traffic, number of users, managed services; vendor reports median license at $2,250 (USD) a month; median implementation $4,000 (USD)

Scope Summary

Digital publishing system and services for Latin American news organizations seeking a bespoke tool and white-glove service

Tech Base


Cloud Model

SACS Pro is multitenant SaaS (Azure)


Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico

Head Count


What customers report

  • Service: customers report Tresite customer service is consistently rapid (2-5 minutes, "always open") and appreciate the vendor's high level of engagement and transparency with them in terms of desired features and road map
  • Tresite itself configures/customizes its SACS Pro CMS to each customer's specifications
  • The tool/service combination is reported as "affordable" for a small- to mid-sized publication; a monthly service fee affords unlimited changes
  • SACS Pro lags in archiving and lacks native functionality for video services and digital-to-print flows
  • Some customers report that Tresite's desire to "please all" has led to feature-bloat, which can mitigate against a friendly UX
  • Tresite has experienced some problems with release-management on updates, leading to unexpected hiccups in the UI for customers with highly configured variations of the base tool


  • Founded in 2004 in Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico, Tresite is a small, privately owned services agency serving LATAM news organizations with a proprietary web CMS called SACS Pro. Tresite supplements its small team of 13 with an additional seven contract workers.
  • Tresite offers what it calls a "premium service" to its customer base, including unlimited development services, training, 24/7 customer service via a chatbot built into the CMS, as well as via a proprietary messaging tool built on WhatsApp. As a general-purpose agency, Tresite services extend to marketing and sales, UX design, editorial consulting, and digital monetization advisement. They have ambitions to further extend their service offerings to include editorial strategy, aiming to help their customers achieve business viability and growth.
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, Tresite provides its customers Content Delivery Network (CDN) services via an unnamed “strategic ally” selected for custom rules capabilities to support speed, but will also provide such services within Azure. The SACS Pro architecture includes separate CMS and production environments for reliability, that is, so issues with the CMS won’t affect the media website and vice versa.
  • Access is governed by role and group. The vendor will build workflows to suite (as many approval levels as desired) but reports that most of their customers prioritize speed and simplicity.
  • Customizable content-entry templates support content categories, from news articles and columns to horoscopes. The rich text editor supports embeddable elements, e.g., galleries, timelines, related news blocks, video (via integration with JW Player), and previews. The authoring interface provides both user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO) validation tools that score content based on best practices. SACS Pro enables the multi-purposing and reuse of content with tagging and taxonomies, e.g., author, SEO keywords. All customizable.
  • Tresite has no ad or subscription management tools but assists their customers’ use of Google Ad Manager.
  • The vendor has an AI LAB in which Tresite and its customers explore new AI-based features.
  • Tresite's near-term road map includes a new data insights module and an OpenAI API. Longer-term Tresite plans to release an updated version of the SACS Pro CMS designed to improve system performance and provide a more visual UX. This will likely constitute a major upgrade, so you will want to review timing with the vendor.
  • Tresite seems highly engaged with its customer base, through quarterly surveys, twice-monthly newsletters, once monthly meetings with each customer, and messaging app channels for suggestions as well as support. On the flip side, this agency-like relationship may make SACS Pro less suited for media firms that just want a CMS platform and nothing else from a provider.
  • The median license cost for SACS Pro is $2,250 (USD) a month; median implementation cost is $4,000 (USD). Integrations may cost extra depending on factors like traffic volume and complexity. Some simple integrations, such as Mailchimp for sending newsletters, cost nothing.

Package scope (as reported by vendor)

Core platform - i.e., bundled in product (yes/no/beta) Add-On (yes/custom/3rd party)
Content lifecycle: author / classify / edit / approve / publish / re-purpose / archive / dispose
Basic digital / voice / media asset management
Support print publishing
Simple social media re-publishing
Optional modules: forms / polls / social widgets / etc
Connector library (OOTB connectors, APIs, etc.)
Bundled CDN (with DDOS protection)
User registration
Subscription management and fulfillment - digital
Suscripciones o membresías
Ad management - digital
3rd Party
Ad management - print
Administración de contenido
Administración de contenido
Video management / OVP
3rd Party
Audio management / podcasting
3rd Party
Visualización y periodismo de datos
Commenting / community features/
3rd Party
Newsletter production and management
3rd Party
Notifications and alerts
3rd Party
A/B testing
Multi-title management with variable inheritance
Complex layout and subsite / subsection cloning
AR- / VR- enhanced services
Segmentación del público
Online user / partner forums
Regular user group meetings
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