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Grow ad revenue with Google Ad Manager
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Grow ad revenue with Google Ad Manager

Get the most out of your ad revenue

Place web interstitial ads


Web interstitial ads are high CPM, full page ads that can be preloaded between page views. Web interstitial ads follow Better Ads Standards.

💡 Best practices
• Preload and render automatically before navigating away from the page without delay when the user clicks a link in the page.
• Add an exit
• Set the ad's frequency to once per hour or fewer.


Place adaptive banner ads


Adaptive banner ads optimize for performance and size, allowing publishers to specify preferred layout width and returning an optimized ad size for consistent performance and look and feel across device sizes.

Anchored adaptive banner ads are always visible as they are locked to the top or bottom of the screen. They return a consistent size for a given device and width, and don't stretch, crop, or modify ad creative.

Inline adaptive banner ads only appear within content, and may be filled by any creative that is at least 50% of the ad's width, with any height.


Set up header bidding to yield groups


Yield groups are groups of your ad inventory that can be targeted across third-party exchanges and ad networks. By setting up header bidding, you allows advertisers to bid on ad units from within their browsers. Yield groups are faster to set up than price priority line items, and provide more specific reporting.

💡 Best practices


Place full screen native ads


Full screen native ads takes up most of the screen and are customizable to match the look and feel of an app.

💡 Best practices
• Label the ad with the AdChoices icon in the upper righthand corner
• Use unique ad unit IDs for each placement
• Set your media view to a consistent size
• Enable video ads

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