Projects that work to defend and protect quality journalism by using fact checking and other technologies to combat misinformation.

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31 projects
€5.1m spent battling misinformation

Full Fact: Impartial and effective

Full Fact is a charity that provides free tools, information and advice so that anyone can check the claims of politicians and the media.

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Battling misinformation

Factmata: Because facts matter

Factmata combines cutting edge AI with human community and ingenuity to protect people and businesses from deceptive or misleading content online.

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Other themes

Telling local stories

Projects that use innovation to ensure that local and smaller publishers have a louder voice in the digital space.

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Boosting digital revenue

Projects that aim to help publishers access new or better opportunities to turn their content into revenue.

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Exploring new technologies

Projects that use digital technology to automate work-streams or content in order to support original journalism or improve the reader experience.

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DNI Fund Report 2018

Explore this year's report to find out about projects that have been supported by the DNI Fund and the impact they’re having in newsrooms across Europe.
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