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Sensity has developed technology to detect misleading video content, known as deepfakes, and has set out to educate the public about this growing threat via its newsletter.

We are building Sensity to protect each of us against these new threats.

Giorgio Patrini
Sensity Founder and CEO

Detection of deepfakes, videos where fraudsters put words into politicians’ mouths, or show celebrities in false, compromising situations, is core to the Sensity team’s mission to educate the public about these forms of misinformation.

Back in September 2019, Sensity revealed that 14,000 deepfakes were circulating the web. “At the time, we were the only company able to gather concrete data on misuses of synthetic media – recordings generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – in the world,” says Founder and CEO Giorgio Patrini. Since then, the number of deepfakes has continued to grow with the company detecting 81,000 visual threats since May 2019.

The company offers individuals and organisations detailed visual threat intelligence tracking of these deepfakes from hundreds of sources across the open and dark web. “People who sign up to the free service can see – almost in real time – data about deepfakes across the world, and upload files to be analysed by our tools,” explains Patrini. Their work has attracted further funding to develop the service and will be commercialising the service further with paid-for services.

In the near future, any social media user will be under the threat of having their images and video stolen, manipulated and repurposed with AI and weaponised for fraud, social engineering or reputation damage. We are building Sensity to protect each of us against these new threats.

Giorgio Patrini - Sensity Founder and CEO

Battling misinformation

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