Il Secolo XIX: Growing your own

Italy | Project Type: Large | Il Secolo XIX | Amount Awarded: €315,000

As new media continues to become more important, there’s an increasing shortage of journalists equipped to get the best out of it. In Italy, one national publisher has come up with a radical answer: grow your own journalists.

“New media has transformed how journalists work,” says Il Secolo’s IT Manager Stefano Ramagli. “The money from the DNI Fund enabled us to implement a customised e-learning project on Moodle, our existing web-based solution, which covers everything from how to categorise a story for social media, to how to integrate video into a story, and use analytics to track views and likes. And because the training is delivered online, our people can access it wherever and whenever they want, even at home.”

Journalists are using their new skills to create compelling stories that pull readers into our website.

Stefano Ramagli
IT Manager at Il Secolo

“We aim to establish a new way of working, not just for new journalists but also for those already on the team. To date, 
one in six journalists have completed the course and are using their new skills to create compelling stories that pull readers into our website – the more traffic we generate, the more advertising revenue we make. This is just the starting point. Ultimately, 100% of our journalists will take part in the course.”

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