QuoteBot: Editorial-led, robot-delivered

Belguim | Project Type: Large | QuoteBot | Amount Awarded: €210,000

With 26,700 digital subscribers, Belgian financial publisher Mediafin has a long history of leading the way in monetising digital content.

Their subscribers expect daily updates of key market information. But while these articles are essential pieces of content, they’re repetitive and time-consuming for journalists to produce. So Mediafin set about creating a robotic solution that would free up journalists’ time. Developed in partnership with robotic writer specialist Sylabs and academic researcher Laurence Dierickx (ULB) – and supported by the DNI Fund – QuoteBot extracts market data from a structured database to automatically produce text and graphics. More than 50% of Mediafin subscribers are already fully digital, and the expectation is that QuoteBot will increase that still further.

Great journalism is why investors subscribe to Mediafin. QuoteBot helps us deliver that better, faster and more cost effectively.

Nicolas Becquet
Project Director at Mediafin

“QuoteBot is a win/win for us”, says Nicolas Becquet, Project Director. “By automating certain structured and iterative actions, it enables our journalists to spend time doing high-value work. Secondly, it allows us to provide an even better service to our subscribers, offering them more personalised market information at the time and on the device of their choice.”

“This is very much an editorial-led solution, not something that’s been imposed on the newsroom by the IT people. Great journalism is why investors subscribe to Mediafin. QuoteBot helps us deliver that better, faster and more cost effectively.”

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