Places you can find news on Google

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Google News

Google News aims to help everyone understand the world around them through access to high quality news. Through both mobile apps and a browser experience, Google News connects you with stories that matter to you. Stay informed about the top news of the moment with the ‘Headlines’ section, and see more of your preferred topics and news sources in the ‘For you’ tab. ‘Full coverage’ offers broader context and additional perspectives for a more in-depth look at a given story.

Availability: Android, iOS;

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News in Google Search

News in Google Search helps you learn about what’s happening in the world through an organized experience of top stories, articles, videos, and more. The Top stories feature aims to display relevant, high-quality results for a news topic. For broader context, the News tab displays more news articles for a given search. Top stories and the News tab are not personalized; everyone within a particular country sees the same results.

Availability: Google app on Android, iOS; on web

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Discover searches the web so you don’t have to, delivering the articles, videos and information you care about most. You can customize what you see by following topics, and choose which ones you want more or less of. Plus, you can get more context through related stories, searches and more.

Availability: Google app on Android, iOS; on mobile browser; Pixel, Nexus or Google Play device home screen (swipe right).

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News on YouTube

YouTube makes it easier to find quality news across the platform by highlighting authoritative sources through a number of product features being launched in countries around the world. For example, when you search for news-related topics, you may find videos from verified news sources in a ‘Top news’ section of search results. Or when a major news event happens, you might see a ‘Breaking news’ section featuring coverage from verified sources directly on the homepage. In some cases, YouTube provides additional context about certain events, topics, and publishers from third-party sources (e.g. Encyclopedia Britannica) alongside search results and videos.

Availability: Android, iOS, Availability of news features varies by country.

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News on the Google Assistant

Ask the Google Assistant about what’s happening in the world to access a collection of local, national, and global news in the right format -- video, text, or audio. Just ask, “Hey Google, what’s the news?” for the latest top news articles on your phone; or say, “Hey Google, play the news” for top news in audio or video formats. In the Google Assistant app, you can update your profile to include favorite sources. In addition, you can ask for news from a publisher by asking, ‘Hey Google, play ________ (CNN).’ Or easily dive into your specific interests by simply asking, “Hey Google, tell me the latest (sports) news .”

Availability: Android, iOS, Smart home devices. Availability of news features varies by country.