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Kannada daily newspaper sees an increase in its digital ad revenue

After optimizing its site performance, Udayavani experienced a significant boost in its digital ad revenue, with a 102% increase

The challenge

Kannada Daily News Paper—Udayavani—is a part of Manipal Media Network Private Limited, India. Over the past 74 years, the publication has been an agent of change for the people of Coastal Karnataka. Today, Udayavani is a leading daily newspaper and digital news site for all Kannadigas (Kannada-speaking linguistic group) worldwide. Therefore, as a brand, Udayavani was already well-established. However, the publisher needed help to grow the site revenue and increase pageviews.

Quantum jumps are what all organisations need, and to achieve it, we need programs like Google News Initiative’s Advertising Lab which provided timely help that came so handy. As a result of the training program, our team has gained comprehensive knowledge on various web performance tools. Furthermore, with the implementation of our new mobile web version, we anticipate a significant increase in page views and revenue in the upcoming years in comparison to our current standing.
Vinod Kumar
Managing Director & CEO, Manipal Media Group
  • 102% increase in digital ad revenue
  • 67% increase in direct traffic
  • 79% improvement in page views

The results

Udayavani joined the Google News Initiative (GNI) Advertising Lab and partnered with Readwhere to develop a three-point plan to help their site overcome the above mentioned challenges.

• Firstly, the team completely redeveloped the mobile web version of the site and optimised the page experience for a mobile first user.

• Secondly, the team did a detailed diagnostic analysis of Udayavani’s desktop website for Core Web Vitals scores and identified areas that needed improvement.

• Thirdly, Udayavani’s digital teams were trained on tools like Lighthouse, Pagespeed Insights, News Consumer Insights and attended the GNI Digital Growth Program workshops on advertising revenue.

These tools enabled them to measure and track their website performance. The Digital Growth Program educated the publisher’s internal teams to assist them in growing their digital revenue.

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