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The DNI Fund has awarded more than €115m to 559 projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

Innovation Stories

Battling Misinformation

Trend Recognition for The Listening Center: Breaking the filter bubble

The Listening Center’s Trend Recognition Module developed social listening tools that allow journalists to identify breaking stories before they go viral.

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Boosting Digital Revenues

REMP by Dennik N: Creating sustainable models for independent journalism

REMP is an open source toolkit for subscription that helps journalists determine which content their audiences are prepared to pay for and to manage loyal readers relationship

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Telling Local Stories

The Bureau Local: Helping local news have more impact

Bureau Local is bringing together journalists and volunteers to amplify local stories at a national level.

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Exploring New Technologies

The Enemy: Using VR to disrupt the news

The Enemy uses VR and AR to make the news a fully interactive experience.

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Slovenia Slovenska tiskovna agencija d.o.o. (STA)

D4Editor (Round 6)

Editors face the biggest workload in the newsroom in relation to processing information flow. D4Editor will look to alleviate time intensive parts of the information processing, increasing productivity and coverage. The overall goal of D4Editor is to enable outlets to increase their reach and attract greater readership of their content, as well as assist journalists in reaching their optimum capacity.

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Slovenia Danes je nov dan, Inštitut za druga vprašanja

Commentality (Round 5)

This is an experiment in alternative ways of engaging the audience of a news article (to avoid the loaded term “commenting section”) by providing two things: 1) A better user experience that facilitates a more informed and structured discussion amongst site visitors. 2) Analytics that don’t necessarily benefit only advertisers, but instead allow editors and journalists to produce better, more engaging content that’s relevant to their readership.

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Slovenia Danes je nov dan, Inštitut za druga vprašanja


Bringing political journalism to the age of big data

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Croatia GONG

Mosaic of Influence

Mosaic of Influence will become the central location to search the latest and most relevant information on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) in Croatia, for journalists, watchdog NGOs, and the public.

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Slovenia Quintelligence d.o.o.

Global Media Monitoring for News Publishers

The project will provide a global media monitoring platform for news publishers. The platform will be based on an Event Registry system that can collect news content published globally in extensive languages, semantically enrich and categorize the news, and identify events mentioned in the news.

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Project Brief - A personal assistant on smart devices (Round 4)

Project Brief raises the awareness of global and local events by providing news in audio format. Users can engage with the product while commuting, working or at home. For news publishers Project Brief opens up a new platform to present content in a format that suits the busy lifestyle of users.

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Kanal (Round 4)

A prototype news publishing platform for local and community reporters to enable them to easily create digital news content in any smaller town or neighbourhood currently without news media. The aim is to create a collaborative generation of valuable, hyperlocal content that would otherwise go unpublished due to a lack of journalists or publishing platform.

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Slovenia Finspector / Neolab

Finspector - Investigating the trails of Slovenian public money (Round 4)

Finspector wants to make Slovenia the most transparent country in the world. The online tool, which will be based on complete data about public spending in Slovenia, will enable crowdsourcing of investigative journalism, empowering the work of professional journalists, active citizens and other institutions.

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Croatia Styria Medijski servisi (Styria Media Group)

Personalisation for regional news (Round 3)

Particular issue we are tackling with this platform is bringing to the Croatian but also neighbouring countries markets, technical capabilities based on the machine learning developed within the core of modern publishing content management. Such features would not otherwise be accessible and sustainable in a smaller scale ecosystem. All those capabilities are today needed for survival in modern digital publishing ecosystem.

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