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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Spain Datadista

Automated Follow-up Stories (Round 4)

Journalists updating workflow, after a data-based story is found and published, have to follow the same steps to verify the changes again and again – so following-up becomes a task that increases exponentially over time. Automated Follow-up Stories will be a platform to automate this follow-up work as much as possible. It's an automated machine that helps with updating data, related stories, topics and contacting people involved.

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Spain Politibot Innovación, S.L.

A tool to publish nonfiction series in messaging apps and monetise it (Round 4)

Politibot was born as an experiment to cover the Spanish election in June 2016. Having proved it’s possible to create a valuable messaging news product people are willing to pay for, the team are now applying the experience with messaging apps to create nonfiction series, branching out from breaking news. Multimedia elements will include testimonials in audio and video, or information unlocked by sharing your location. By integrating the tool with Stripe or Patreon, readers will be able to pay for the series.

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Spain Unidad Editorial, S.A.


Turning “written news” apps into personalized news radio stations for users on the road

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Spain eldiario.es


Collective intelligence for funding independent media

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Spain Europa Press Comunicacion S.A.

Open Data News Platform

Open data is a tremendous resource which remains largely untapped in the news ecosystem. Combining the elements of (i) open data, (ii) related news, and (iii) smart, creative journalism to develop an “Open Data News Platform”, which is oriented towards collaboration and user-generated content, and is continuously improved by the community it serves.

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Spain Quality Media Producciones


Having a large inventory of video is sometimes not enough for online media to be assured of their economic return. Their result in user clicks is subject to a very low ratio for various cases: 1. Lack of appeal in content or exposure. This is sometimes the fault of a bad headline but may also be simply "one of thousands". Simply the video is not exclusive, it has nothing that makes it "viralizable". 2. Short period of informative relevance. Often the news media are nourished with video with a short life of relevance. Our project tries to attack this double problem giving the user the leading role. OPSHARE thus captures the general trend of social media: live participation, unlimited personalization.

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Spain eldiario.es

Leave Your Mark (Round 3)

We will try to overcome the ‘era of trolling and noise’ with a variety of innovative interconnected formats that promote the best of digital interaction and diminish traditional effects from the dark side that are damaging digital media and clouding the ideal of the Internet as a democratic enhancer.

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Spain El Independiente, Park Row Digital, S.L.

Income Atribution & Personalised Content (Round 5)

The move towards digital journalism has created an unsustainable business model based on free content that is generating ever decreasing advertising revenue. As a result, media must consider closing content and charging for its consumption. Unfortunately, it is challenging to charge for what once was free, and value must be clearly perceived. El Independiente wants to face this challenge by generating a CMS that personalizes each user experience around what they value the most and then design a business model around it.

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