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Gazeta Wyborcza’s automation tool Harmony learns from the way visitors navigate its news platform and, depending on the user’s journey, knows when best to display adverts or suggest a subscription offer.

The Harmony tool ensures the increase of the revenues from both streams – advertising and subscriptions alongside one another.

Danuta Breguła
Director of Subscription Strategy at Gazeta Wyborcza

“Our data scientists looked at our current subscribers and their previous behaviours, to understand similar user journeys,” says Gazeta Wyborcza’s Director of Subscription Strategy Danuta Breguła. The Harmony tool is deployed across all platforms: website, emails and app. “Wherever the user goes we can target them,” adds Breguła.

Despite a drop in advertisers due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company found benefit in Harmony by targeting a control group of readers with a subscription offer instead of adverts. The new subscription message for this group displayed only the article title along with the sign-up form.They found the conversion rate in the best performing group was at some points up to 7 times better compared to the previous solution. Harmony also achieved a 150% increase in conversion rate from users who encountered the paywall. The company is reporting subscribers now total more than 240,000.

“The Harmony tool ensures the increase of the revenues from both streams – advertising and subscriptions alongside one another, ” says Breguła.

The next phase is coping with less engaged users. After users have signed up, the team will use the Harmony tool to monitor and analyse their behaviour, to ultimately enhance the onboarding for paid subscriptions.

Michał Kaczmarski, Deputy Director of Subscription Strategy, Gazeta Wyborcza

Boosting digital revenues

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