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YouTube Creator Academy: Improving your YouTube skills
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Introduction to Google Earth Studio
YouTube: A storytelling tool.
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YouTube Creator Academy: Improving your YouTube skills


Learn how to access and choose lessons that help strengthen your presence.


YouTube Creator Academy.


Whether you’re new to YouTube or already have a news channel you want to take to the next level, there’s always something to learn in the YouTube Creator Academy.

The Creator Academy features free online lessons and courses that help strengthen your YouTube skills, build your audience and optimise your channel for success.


Searching and browsing by topic.

Each Creator Academy course consists of multiple lessons, practice exercises and quizzes centered around a useful topic. The curriculum features top YouTube Creators sharing tips and strategies that you can try yourself. There is a lot of content here, so we’ll start by introducing you to popular courses for news organisations. 

For a full list of available courses, click Catalog.

To see all the lessons listed individually, switch the toggle in the upper right-hand corner to Lesson.

Begin with the basics.

If you’re new to YouTube, we suggest that you use the search bar to find and take the following courses:

Get started - The fundamentals of YouTube and why subscribers matter.

Create great content - Develop your creative strategy and production skills to attract loyal fans.

Intermediate courses

Once you know the fundamentals, these courses can help you expand your audience:

Get discovered - Package your videos to give them the best chance to get watched.

Grow your community - Build and engage your audience for long-term success.

Advanced courses

These courses help you monetise your content and gauge its popularity:

Make money with YouTube - Make money as your stories gain a following.

Get insights with YouTube Analytics - Measure your success and find out how you can improve.

Review and enhance your skills.


At the end of many lessons is a quick quiz to help review what you’ve learned.

Spend some time in the Creator Academy, and soon you’ll become a master of YouTube. Visit

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Which factor is likely to have the biggest impact on a channel’s sustainability?
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In addition to making great content, how can you reliably increase watch time and views?
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Which of the following should you include at the beginning of your title to make it more searchable?
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What do you call the combination of title, description, tags, and thumbnail?
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If YouTube monetization is allowed in your country, what happens after you sign up for monetization and link your AdSense account?
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