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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Switzerland Heidi Média SA, publishing compagny of Heidi.news

Heidi Gender Tracker (Round 6)

Female experts and opinion still lack visibility in the media, only representing 20% to 30% of the quoted sources found. There no tool currently available to fight this inequality and accurately measure the percentage of women covered. The hope is that by developing such a tool, greater equality can be created.

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Switzerland Scitec-Media


A pilot project assessing the feasibility and use cases of a novel non-linear, multi-dimensional and explorative digital news article formats.

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Switzerland AWP Finanznachrichten AG

Analysis of management transactions (Round 5)

Currently the transparency companies give about management transactions is limited: Although the transactions are published, conclusions from the published data are almost impossible. By collecting and analyzing the data, it should be possible to get a better overview about the ongoing transactions, to classify current single transactions and to uncover exceptional transactions. From a technical point of view the way the data can be collected and proceeded is as much a challenge as the data analysis itself.

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Switzerland We.Publish Association

Elvato (Round 5)

We.Publish will demonstrate that it is possible to build up a shared data pool without any adoptions. That applications and services built atop a decentralised data pool are more efficient and make new technologies more affordable. And to show that a shared community across different media brands is beneficial to both publishers and users.

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Switzerland Neue Zuercher Zeitung

Innovative"Dynamic Paygate" - delivering personalised messages (Round 4)

Many media companies are already experimenting with rule-based ‘Dynamic Paygates’ that show different conversion messages or offers to users. However, these paygates are not scalable because the more users a publisher wants to address personally, the more marketing personnel are needed to build all the rules behind those customer journeys. The project tackles this problem by combining algorithms with the Dynamic Paygate, making the system more efficient. It's then able to test virtually limitless combinations of message, offer and visualisation to convert a potential buyer. By addressing every user individually, NZZ will be able to accompany a user less intrusively on their journey, lowering the barriers to conversion.

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Switzerland AZ Management Services AG

Project Iris

A platform where citizen's concerns can be collected and rated on a municipal level.

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Switzerland Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Companion App

NZZ Companion App is an engaging and entertaining ‘digital companion’ with the aim to empower the consumer; providing them with personalized news and services based on usage situation, location, and interest.

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