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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Portugal INESC TEC, Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência

AmbiVideo360 - Augmented experiences in interactive 360º videos (Round 6)

Interactive 360º videos strengthen the connection between viewer and story, providing freedom and immersion to the viewer. However, this poses challenges to the storyteller, as he loses control of the viewer’s attention focus. INESC TEC proposes to explore technologies such as spatialized audio to direct user’s attention, story interconnection through portals between 360º environments, and other navigation means. The narrative cues will explore spatialized sound in particular to attract and focus the attention on specific elements of the narrative. The narrative will be further extended by allowing interaction between scene elements and between multiple scenes.

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Portugal Empresa Jornalística Região de Leiria, Lda.

Easy2B - Easier and global sponsorship for local newspapers (Round 6)

The main challenges are to collect data from readers and deliver a customised editorial and sponsored content; invite local businesses to submit sponsored content to local newspapers through an easy and affordable way; and display suited offers to users. Additionally, this platform can be subscribed and used by any local media to source for and manage their own sponsors. This configures two main types of e-commerce revenues for Região de Leiria: B2C - transaction fees from registered sponsors based on their campaign usage; B2B - subscription/transaction fees from other local media for the use of the platform.

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Portugal Público – Comunicação Social, S.A.

Fórum Público (Round 6)

From the universe of our 248,000 registered users, only a tiny fraction are subscribers. The number of subscribers, however, is much higher among our active members in our current comments platform (ie, our frequent commentators). With a richer and more rewarding discussion tool, we aim to engage more users and convert them into subscribers. We also want to foster a more healthy online discussion.

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Portugal Açormedia, SA, Global Notícias-Media Group S.A.

The media and the new generations (Round 6)

In today’s world, social networks appeal to more youngsters every day, as does information immediacy, which implies that news are often false and unconfirmed. Aiming at becoming a reference for younger generations, Açoriano Oriental brings forward a project based on interaction in schools and other community places. This project will give voice to schools while promoting news literacy for younger generations and connecting the whole region in one platform, given that content produced by schools, providing it complies with basic journalism rules, will be available to the general public on the website of a renowned local newspaper.

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AR for Hyperlocal News (Round 6)

As Augmented Reality is entering the mainstream, many outlets are trying to understand how news will be produced and accessed in the new format. If AR really is to become dominant, journalism and news cannot afford to lose its relevance – therefore it is paramount to develop experiments showing what works for news in AR in these early stages.

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Portugal Inês Bravo


Education and media are pillars to a healthy society, but there remains a knowledge gap between them. Today’s young audience does not rely on traditional mainstream news to understand the world; they rely on their immediate environment. APANHADO NA FAKE is a platform that focuses on how fact-check thinking works. Using a gamification approach, while mixing innovative technology and old traditional media, children will learn about news, fake news and the importance of the media ecosystem.

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Portugal Observador Ontime SA


Visually enhancing articles with relevant data

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Go Digital - Digital skills for small publishers (Round 4)

Smaller publishers face serious constraints in digital because of the lack of investment in technology and digital skills. The new Go Digital publishing platform will allow local and regional media players to have access to a state of the art solution for monetising their digital content.

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