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Google Consumer Surveys: Gain real insights.
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Google Consumer Surveys: Gain real insights.


Gather data from real people by creating your own web surveys.


Conduct your own research by creating a survey.


Google Surveys is useful for getting a clearer picture of people’s opinions and perspectives to backup your story. You can create a survey on any topic and put it in front of people in real time.

For example, if you’re researching how drought in the western United States affects people’s water usage, you can gather data through a geo-targeted survey.

Results are quick and accurate: you’ll begin receiving responses from a validated representative sample within 24 hours. Pricing starts at 10 cents per completed response.


Pick your audience.


Who do you want to answer your questions? To reach the general population, you can run your survey on our network of online publishers. Or, you can select more specific groups like Android smartphone users or audience panels. 

Then, you can target participants based on demographics, like age, gender, and location. You can further narrow your audience with screening or pre-qualification question

To get started, go to


Write your questions and answers.

You can choose from a variety of question formats including single answer, multiple answer, and rating scale. You may write up to 10 questions, but bear in mind that shorter surveys yield faster results.

Choose your format, then click Add question.

Type in a question.

Type in your answer options and click Add question to build out your survey.

To preview your survey on desktop or mobile, click on the brackets.

Field and pay for your survey.

Field and pay for your survey.

When you are satisfied with your survey, click Confirm and review all of your information, including the number of respondents you’d like.

Enter your payment information, select frequency, then click Buy Now.

Track your surveys.

Track your surveys.

The Google Surveys dashboard keeps all of your information in one place. You can monitor surveys in progress and review past surveys.

To return to your dashboard, go to, sign in to your account and select Surveys.

Interpreting survey results for your story.

Full survey completion typically takes a few days to a week.

To learn more about Google Surveys, click here.

As results roll in, Google automatically aggregates and analyses responses, sending you data through a simple online interface.

It includes interactive histograms, clickable demographic segmentation and comparisons, and significant insights ― all easily shareable with your colleagues. Full survey completion typically takes a few days to a week.To learn more about Google Surveys, click here.

Survey your own readers.

Want to find out what your readers think? Use Google Surveys to ask them questions on your own site. It’s free of charge and offers the same functionality as the paid solution. 

You have to sign up for this program, get approved by Google and embed some code onto your site.

To begin this process, first sign up for Google Opinion Rewards here.

Then, go back into Google Surveys and follow the same process you would for a paid survey, except under Audience, choose Your website. You will also go through the same “buying” process but you will not be charged a fee.

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