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Argentine publisher unifies data across sites

LA NACION’s single sign-on technology puts their first-party data strategy front and center.

Optimizing for first-party data

As one of Argentina’s leading daily newspapers, LA NACION has been at the forefront of innovation as the media landscape evolves. With their emphasis on new technologies, the publisher understood the importance of a strong first-person data strategy. Yet, customer information was fragmented across their many media properties, and they had no way to cross-reference data on various sites.

The solution, LA NACION decided, would be single sign-on technology that would help them collect and process user data more efficiently across platforms, and they knew that Google News Initiative’s (GNI’s) resources and expertise could help.

“We’ve collaborated with GNI on various projects over the last four to five years,” says Terrizzi. “Thanks to that close relationship, we were able to work together to quickly move forward with single sign-on implementation.”

Upping efficiency and information sharing

With a GNI Digital Transformation program investment backing them, LA NACION developed a solution to link data and security across their sites, regardless of user registration credentials. They began with their top properties – their flagship news website, lanacion.com; LiBooks, a book sales website; and Bonvivir, a wine subscription and retail site. Also sharing data with these sites is Club LA NACION, a website offering discounts and benefits to subscribers.

“It’s not that each user needs to have the same credentials for each site,” Terrizzi explains. “It’s that our new technology allows us to unify data on the backend, regardless of login information. That was a huge pain point for us that we have resolved by working with GNI.”

In addition to unifying data and user profiles, single sign-on implementation has saved countless developer hours. “Now that all our applications are using the same technology, there’s no need for multiple teams to develop similar solutions, so we’re seeing much greater efficiency,” Terrizzi says.


  • Increase in registered users
  • Improvement in application performance
  • Reduction in call center calls

About LA NACION: Founded in 1870, LA NACION has the second-highest circulation of any newspaper in Argentina and the second most-read news website in the country, with 19 million unique users per month. In addition to their flagship publication, LA NACION’s portfolio includes monthly and weekly special-interest magazines, the LN+ television channel, and the Club LA NACION loyalty program.

Location: Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Mauro Terrizzi
”We were working on a lot of projects at once, each with their own moving parts, but collaborating with GNI meant we had the resources to help propel our single sign-on implementation forward.”
Technology Manager, LA NACION

Plans for segmentation and personalization

LA NACION has seen an increase in registered users and in users browsing across sites, as well as a drop in call center calls regarding registration and login problems. Plus, they see great potential for boosting conversions and subscriptions thanks to their new wealth of data.

“This has opened up a world of possibilities to create segments, personalize content, and offer subscription discounts to remove points of friction,” says Terrizzi. “We’re currently experimenting with the technology to see exactly how far it can take us.”

In the future, LA NACION will implement their single sign-on technology across other sites, and they are already in conversations with GNI to extend their collaboration as they identify new business priorities and areas of potential impact. For now, they’re sharing their message of prioritizing first-party data with media organizations across Latin America.

“What we want to do is inspire other media to action,” says Terrizzi. “Getting to know, in depth, the person behind the user is not only good for LA NACION and our business; it’s good for the industry in general.”

The team that worked on the development of this initiative
LA NACION Newsroom
LA NACION Newsroom
The team that worked on the development of this initiative
LA NACION Newsroom
LA NACION Newsroom
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